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Thread: [FS\WTT]wii mini red five wii games 40+shipping, dvds and phone. for vita games *updated*

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    Default [FS\WTT]wii mini red five wii games 40+shipping, dvds and phone. for vita games *updated*

    Hi guys long time no post

    Red Wii mini and all games 40+shipping

    Things for trade or sale

    Sims 3 complete in very good shape. Disc is clean.

    Tom Clancy's ghost recon in playable shape. Has a GameStop preplayed case. So really this is disc only.

    Hollywood squares h2 complete in good condition. Disc is clean.

    The adventures of tin tin complete in very good shape. Disc is in good shape.

    Wii sports disc only its in rough shape. Honestly I haven't tested it.

    I also may have a complete Mario kart. But I'm waiting to see how that deal pans out.

    Other stuff up for trade ( towards vita games or take all DVDs for 20 shipped)

    DVDs ( all watched once like new complete )

    The Gunman (2015)

    Ironclad: battle for blood (2014)

    The Horseman (2010)

    Lymelife (2009)

    All hat (2008)

    Six ways to die (2015)

    Allegiance (2013)

    I also have a kyrocera hydro wave for metropcs I used it two days (someone took my phone bought this to use. Then my old phone magically reappered) comes with a case, screen protector (already applied) complete with box, instructions and wall usb charger and 2gig micro sdcard (will sell for 60 shipped)

    I have mirco sd to magic gate adapter that can be used in a custom firmware psp's to upgrade the memory to 32 gigs. It's just an adapter. There's two slots but you can only use up to 32 gigs. I'll throw that in to if it helps lower the cost a little. (Will sell for 5 dollars shipped)

    Things I want

    Memory card (8 or higher)

    Final fantasy X and X-2

    Borderlands 2

    Call of duty: black ops

    Killzone: mercenary

    Gravity Rush

    Metal gear solid HD collection

    Dragons crown

    Resident evil

    Unit 13

    Dungeon Hunter Alliance

    God of war collection


    Ninja gaidan sigma (1 and 2)

    And others that you guys can recommend. I'm dying to play it.

    Please pm me or leave a message here. My current situation does not allow for me to have consoles so this would be a real treat. Thanks for looking.
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