This week, it transpired that the long-suspected PlayStation 2 emulation on PlayStation 4 is an actual thing - and, surprisingly, a thing that you can try now, via the digital release of three "classic" Star Wars games in a Star Wars-themed PS4 bundle. These games seem to have snuck out, jumping the gun on an official announcement of the service by Sony - so though we know that PS2 emulation is real, we don't know how it will work, which games will be supported, or how we'll be able to access them. Can old discs be used? Will purchases of the PS2 Classics range on PS3 transfer across? Perhaps we'll hear more at next month's PlayStation Experience event in San Francisco.
In the meantime, I thought it would be a bit of nostalgic fun to round up a wishlist of the PS2 games we would most like to revisit via emulation on PS4, so on Friday morning I invited the Eurogamer team to nominate one game each and explain what it meant to them.
I thought it would be fun. It wasn't. A bitter argument broke out in our chatroom (sample line: "F*** OFF AND PLAY FALLOUT, go and plant a f***ing potato"), which we are still licking our wounds from, and some evidence of which you will find below. It's important to note that this partly happened because Aoife Wilson wouldn't know a good Final Fantasy game if it summoned her Bahamut, and partly because Chris Bratt types too slowly, but it mostly happened because Wesley Yin-Poole is an incorrigible troll.
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