Sony's stealth announcement that it can emulate PS2 games on the PlayStation 4, as revealed by the bundle of retro Star Wars games included with the Battlefront-branded console, has quite rightly resulted in a lot of excitement and anticipation. Surely the floodgates must soon open, releasing hundreds of beloved classics back into the PlayStation ecosystem?
That would be the dream, but the reality is likely to be rather more muted. The PlayStation Store previously carried a range of PSOne and PS2 Classics during the last generation of hardware, but while many great games were included, many more never saw the light of day. Some of the choices were downright bizarre, and based as much on which publishers made their catalogues available, and which games could be reliably emulated without issue.
This is the problem that gaming will always face when it comes to keeping its history - even from only a few years ago - alive and accessible.
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