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Thread: NES "Fine Ale Fantasy," A Cartridge Look-a-like Drinking Flask

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    Talking NES "Fine Ale Fantasy," A Cartridge Look-a-like Drinking Flask

    Funny how this is listed on in the categories of "Kids & Family" and "Nintendo DS" when it applies to neither. :P

    Click this link for its description and the "fine" image:

    So after seeing this, I thought to myself, "Wait, he wouldn't have gone to this much effort for just one label design, would he?" Turns out, he wouldn't: there's more!

    Some of the more hilarious ones include "Kega Man," "Ninja Dry Gin," "Tetriquila," and "Castle-vodka."

    I guess these are for the retro-gaming lush in your life. I hear there are a lot of those.

    Then again, it might be fun to have these on your shelf as a conversation starter. Just imagine;
    A: "Hey, I don't recognize that one! Is that a new homebrew NES game?"
    B: "No, it's Tetriquila for the Ink Whiskey Entertainment Flask."
    A: "...what the Hell? *laughs*"

    Or hey, if you are a big fan of the SEGA emulator called Kega, then you could get "Kega Man" as an homage to a high quality emulator.

    I swear, the stuff you find on in the "Suggested for You" sections...

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    I think Tetriquila might be my favorite - it has a name that doesn't quite roll off the tongue but is still fun to say.

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