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Thread: WTB - Old Bungie Games (Marathon, Pathways into Darkness, Operation: Desert Storm) for Apple Macintosh

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    Default WTB - Old Bungie Games (Marathon, Pathways into Darkness, Operation: Desert Storm) for Apple Macintosh

    Hey guys, I'm looking to complete my collection of pre-Myth Bungie games. Here's what I'm still looking for, along with the desired condition:

    Pathways into Darkness (1st Release) for Macintosh - Now what I mean by first release is the pre-PowerPC version of the game. The way to tell the difference between the PowerPC release is that it's missing the red monster's face in the bushes down the bottom right corner of the front of the box, as seen here: I am looking for this game complete-in-box, meaning that it comes with all of the floppy disks, manual, and box. So just to be clear, I'm looking for the version WITH the red monster's face.

    Marathon 2: Durandal for Macintosh - I'm looking for this game sealed and unopened in the original plastic shrink-wrap and in fair condition. If there are some holes in the shrink-wrap that aren't too noticeable, that's okay. If the game isn't sealed then I don't want it, thanks.

    Operation: Desert Storm - I'd really like a complete-in-box copy of this game in fair condition (eg. not many tears in the cardboard, not too discoloured, etc).

    If you have ANY of these games (or any Marathon/old Bungie stuff before Marathon) then PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE!

    Alright, that's it for now. Once I have all these games, I'll have completed my collection (at least the American side of it!). I'm also looking for sealed Japanese versions of the Marathon games and Pathways into Darkness, so let me know if you've got those, but I doubt anyone here would.

    Thanks, hope someone can help me out!
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