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Thread: Devil's Third for Wii U super rare

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    Quote Originally Posted by jajaja View Post
    Not sure if it will go as high as $275, but there has actually been 3 copies sold recently that went for around $140.
    How did it go back up to beyond it's peak in December, 2015 when it got a reprint a few months later?

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    I imagine these sorts of reprints are pretty conservative, so even if they satisfy demand short-term, they might not be enough to keep prices from rebounding long-term. I mean, look at prices on the PS1 version of Persona 2 these days. If memory serves, it's a good bit higher than where it was prior to its reprint, and immediately after the reprint, you could easily grab a new copy for 30-some bucks. But those eventually dried up and then it climbed again.

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