The developer, Technopop, claims these games for the SEGA Genny are now "public domain," but he's wrong. Public domain would mean anyone is free to do anything with these whatsoever, but the dev. puts some definite restrictions on their usage. So really, these two FPS's are now freeware, and that's still cause for celebration! Zero Tolerance and Beyond Zero Tolerance are some of the very few FPS's on SEGA's 16-bit powerhouse, and it's good to know we can now all enjoy them.

Load 'em up on your emulators and "EverDrives!" Heck, make a repro if you please!

And while you are at it, cobble a console link cable. Remember, it goes from console 1, port 2 to console 2, port 2. If you want to make your own, just splice two controller extension cables so that they go female-to-female.