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RC de Go was a fairly late PS1 title that kind of got swept away in the glut of budget games that were pouring out at the time. It's a top-down remote control car racing game in which you attempt to become champion of a couple of circuits by winning races, buying new parts, rinse, and repeat.

The action recalls RC Pro Am to an extent, but eschews combat in favor of more realistic handling and part upgrades. There are both paved and unpaved courses, which require tinkering with parts to optomize performance for the specific conditions at hand, and placing high will reward you with cash to buy what you need. Clearing each circuit opens a couple of bonus extra tough races as well.

Graphically, I love the palette they chose, as it reminds me of Sega Rally only from an overhead view. Control reflects your parts well, and you can feel yourself improving in skill as you play.

It's short, sweet, and not all that complex, but I had a blast with what was there. It's definitely a treat for fans of top-down racers. One of my buddies and I take a day every few years and play through it, taking turns as it's only one player.

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