It's time for my final collection sale. Atari 2600 boxed games. (220 listings, most are complete, all have a box)


Now some stuff about shipping. In before the "why is shipping so high?" It's because I use USPS Priority Mail. I have found this to be worthwhile as the built-in insurance, free boxes, and more reliable/faster shipping procedures are worth the extra couple dollars to use this service. I've staggered the auctions 1 minute apart and WILL COMBINE SHIPPING inside the US. I will charge the exact shipping & packaging costs and pack very well.

Bidders outside the US
About International Shipping & EBAY's Global Shipping Program: Some of you like it, some hate it but after being ripped off for over $1000 prior to using it, I have no choice but to use the GSP. Although most people in the classic gaming community are good, honest people.. there are some that are not and will take advantage since without the GSP there is no protection at all for the seller.

Unfortunately the GSP does not by itself allow combined shipping of different listings. What I've been told by ebay is the best way to take care of this is when the auctions are over, to CANCEL the auctions that I want to combine and then make a new listing with everything included for the international winner. This is a very painful process for me, but I am willing to do it for those who are outside the US and want to take advantage of combined shipping. The combined auction will still go through EBAY's GSP and any import taxes will still need to be paid by the buyer, but at least it will be one shipment and both myself and the buyer are protected.