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Thread: Game of the Day 3/19/2016: Kickle Cubicle

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    Default Game of the Day 3/19/2016: Kickle Cubicle

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    Kickle Cubicle is a single screen action puzzle game in which Kickle must freeze enemies into ice cubes in order to bridge gaps and reach each stage's treasures, at which time the island sinks. You must clear four worlds, each with its own boss fight at the end, in order to save that land's princess. Liberate all of the castles to win the game, and eat as much ice cream as you can while you're at it to put up a big score!

    You have two main moves in Kickle Cubicle: fire your ice blast to freeze enemies with B, and raise pillars of ice with A. Frozen enemies can be either killed or pushed depending on the enemy type (save one), and pushable enemies get kicked as far as possible in a straight line until they fall in the water, creating a bridge, or hit a wall or one of your pillars. Pillars are used to stop blocks at a specific spot, block projectiles, or trap enemies, especially those that can't be frozen like spike gears or bombs. Use these powers to quickly grab the bags, then float away on your awesome red balloon.

    The graphics are nice and cartoony, the game moves quickly, and the focus is definitively more on the puzzles than action. It has that special sort of appeal that games like Boxxle, Solomon's Key, Lolo, Shi Kin Jyo, and Mendel Palace have, so if that sort of thing is your jam, Kickle Cubicle is a blast. Also, AVGN fans will recognize some of the music, which is used freauently in those videos.

    Played it?

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    I recently beat this game for the first time and it is really fun.
    The game actually has 5 worlds, the fifth world consiting of 30 (instead of 17) levels. The game will tell you that you 'beat the game' after world 4.
    Kickle Cubicle is actually a very very easy game, much easier than the likes of Lolo or Solomon's Key. The only levels that I found challenging were the final 3 levels of world 5. The very last stage in the game is extremely hard, and I was not able to beat it without looking up a solution online. Even after knowing the solution the final stage is very tricky and requires very precise timing.

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    Already own it the american version, but sell it when i got the PAL version, and that one runs the same as the US version on my NES

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