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Thread: Forget Shenmue's Arcades - Check Out This Virtual Arcade in LEGO Dimensions

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    Default Forget Shenmue's Arcades - Check Out This Virtual Arcade in LEGO Dimensions

    LEGO Dimensions: Midway Arcade Trailer

    Dang, looks like this makes LEGO Dimensions full of classic Midway arcade games!

    Is it just me, or is this trailer somewhat reminiscent of one of the trailers for TRON: LEGACY?

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    That looks really cool, but the thing keeping me from bothering is all the crap you have to have. I don't have all the room for this shit, even if I get only the portal and the Midway arcade level pack. Well, I do have room, but I'm not one of those people who like to put toys all over and such. To me a bunch of figures sitting around just looks like clutter so whatever I get will be thrown in a box and then I'll have to waste my time digging it out. Not into that. It's atleast better than your traditional DLC, but would be nice if all of this was remastered for a single disc without having to have the toys one day.

    I might still eventually get the stuff when the it becomes literally dirt cheap later on, provided that it doesn't become rare and prices sky rocket, maybe just get the Midway arcade level pack since I know that the portal won't ever become rare and that will atleast drop eventually. Do I want to get the stuff? No. But based on that trailer it does look really cool.
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    I got bugged about wanting it for Christmas and said no. Same ideas. Too much toys/clutter. Lazy points towards not wanting to set it up every time then swap out toys and crap on the fly to play the game. It seems like a huge hassle unless you're a kid with lots of free time and a lack of general senses of boredom and laziness in the first place. I think it's cool, and some of the little lego (ish) sets like BTTF, and some others I like, even that SPy Hunter car, but I can't see bothering.

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    Valid points you guys make, but it is great to play with a kid. We play on the Wii U, and he is happy to have the dedicated controller, leaving me with the big screen. The framerate drops sometimes in that mode, but worth the tradeoff for me. He does all the figure swapping, so I'm spared that hassle. It is a fun game, but I haven't and wouldn't ever pay more than half retail for any of it, and probably less going forward. Honestly, I love Portal so much that revisiting that world even in these small doses is almost worth it on its own. Then there are little teases like the gauntlet level... I dunno, I've spent worse money on games for sure. And my son loves the toys. We are pretty LEGO obsessed here.

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