Back in 2014 retro hardware boutique manufacturer, Analogue Interactive announced a $499 1080p variant of the NES called the Analogue Nt. Before that it manufactured a 400 / $649 wooden SNK Neo Geo CMVS. Now it's releasing its priciest, most ostentatious offering yet with the $4999 24k gold-plated Analogue Nt. Bless 'em.
This gaudy console will be limited to a manufacturing run of 10 in honour of Zelda's 30th anniversary. As you may recall, the original The Legend of Zelda's cartridge was gold-plated. This $4999 gold console comes with an original The Legend of Zelda cartridge, though it's just gold-coloured. Not real 24k gold like the console.
Beyond that, it comes with a limited edition box, RGB or HDMI upgrades and a full cable set or HDMI cable.
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