"Last month, NeoTurfMasta bought an old Neo Geo test board for $750. After messing around with it for a while, he made one hell of a discovery: lurking inside was a prototype version of an unknown, unreleased Neo Geo fighting game.

Itís far from completeóthereís no UI or sound, and not all the character art is finalóbut there are 12 fighters, background art and some semblance of a playable video game. Here it is, running via MAME:

Those lucky enough to be at the Midwest Gaming Classic over the weekend even got to see it running in person:

Whatís cool isnít just that this has been dug up decades later, but that nobody seems to know what the game even is, and wonít unless someone who was at SNK at the time sees any of this news and comes forward with some answers.

So until then, any and all nickname suggestions are welcome..."