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Thread: Sega Genesis won't turn on.

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    Default Sega Genesis won't turn on.

    Sega Genesis Model 1 (VA5/VA6). Got it off ebay from someone who said it worked for 10mins then died. Power supply is good. Gets 13v from the jack to the ground of the motherboard. Was only getting 7v at the regulator input and 0v at the output, so I replaced them both (there are 2). The console still wouldn't power on. Now the voltage has dropped significantly to .34v input and 0v output at the regulators. All the fuses tested good for continuity. The diodes on the diode setting give around 5v. The board is in very good condition. I'm trying to follow the traces from the regulator back to the power jack to figure out the problem. No one else online seems to be having this much trouble. PLEASE HELP!
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