I recently picked up a StarTech USB2HDCAP capture device (https://www.amazon.com/StarTech-com-...=1&*entries*=0) that has composite, s-video and component inputs (as well as outputs for the TV pass-through) to hook up to my CRT for capture on my retro systems. I have the latest drivers for it from the StarTech website, as well as the newest version of a capture software called VivaStation that they also link to on the website. For the most part I've had no issues with this capture device, save for one: my modded PC Engine.

At the beginning of the year I purchased a PC Engine from famed modder DoujinDance on ebay. This particular model is modded for both component and RGB SCART output, with a switch installed in the back to toggle between the two output methods. When I run this through the previously mentioned video capture device using the TV pass-through, it displays fine on my TV via the component output, or even via the SCART output when run through a SCART to component converter. No problem displaying it on the TV at all. However when I use VivaStation to capture from the component inputs, the program not only doesn't detect the video, but it typically freezes after a little bit. This does not happen with any other system that I've attempted to capture through either s-video or component, only this PC Engine. Interestingly when I switch the inputs in the capture software to composite, it does actually pick it up (though obviously it's not a very nice looking image since it's just pulling one part of the component signal). I don't have an actual composite cable for my PC Engine, but this leads me to believe that capturing it through that method would likely work.

Obviously this could all have something to do with the way the mod was done and is only manifesting itself in my very specific situation, and in that case there's probably little I can do here. I've also thought that maybe it's the software flaking out here, but I can't seem to find anyone talking about any other capture software that they've managed to successfully use with this device. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks!