Kingdom Grandprix for Sega Saturn is a racing/shooting game, no wait.. its more like a shooting/racing game. I don't know. Eeeeither way its a game for the Sega Saturn and it is awesome.

Kingdom Grandprix is basically a vertical-shooter at heart, however during the levels you are racing the other characters to the finish as well. Because of this you have to be constantly boosting your speed to maintain a lead. You cannot accelerate while shooting so you have to moderate between shooting enemy sprites and racing towards the finish. The first few stages are not that hard but the later levels throw many more enemies at you which really slow you down or kill you. This game has some excellent enemy sprites, the zombies and beholders in the Castle/Dungeon levels are really cool. Bosses are huge and you can't fly past them, so you have to take them out as fast as possible. The game lets you choose between 8 characters; all well-designed with different weapons & stats.

The soundtrack is really awesome & fast paced. The most stand-out feature about this game is the graphics. Everything is super colorful, and the scrolling backgrounds are very detailed and not repetative (you wont see that one same house like 50 times). Kingdom Grandprix is one game that looks truly fantastic with RGB instead of regular AV cables. The pictures don't do this game justice, since my RGB/Scart box stopped working Ive been forced to used crummy AV cables (I know, I'm such a snob). The game also has an 'arcade mode' if you feel like turning your TV sideways.

Everything about this game is simply awesome. It has no flaws whatsoever. If you've never played this then well... you need to get your priorities in order.