I've had absolutely zero interest in the current generation of consoles. However, I've been following the development of The King of Fighters 14 and it continually gets a bit better with each announcement, so if it winds up being an awesome game I might at some point later invest in a PS4.

I've got my Wii U and PS3 hooked up to a plasma TV in the living room due to them being HDMI (especially for 1080p BR playback). The 360 and some other consoles are in the den hooked to an old projection-style HDTV that only does 480p/1080i and has no HDMI. I use those systems much more than the other TV since nobody else uses that TV for anything and I can be on it as long as I want.

If I did pick up a PS4 I'd like to hook it up to that older TV instead of the plasma because I know I'd play it much more often if it was in there. Question is, can you even run component out of a PS4 for 1080i on games? If so, would you use regular PS2/PS3 component cables?

When I first got my PS3 it was a newer model that wouldn't do BR movie playback above 480i unless you used HDMI. I bought a HDMI-to-component converter box, which did work but I always felt like it made the colors look off, so I wanted to avoid that. I wouldn't be using it for anything other than games so 1080i over component for games only would be fine with me.