Hello everyone, I just wanted to take a quick minute to tell everyone about a really cool online business I help run. It’s called The Bit Station and we specialize in locating and selling Newly Developed games for classic consoles. These type of games are sometimes called “Homebrews”, but I feel like that term is a little too broad. To clarify, we DON’T sell reproductions, hacks, translations, or prototypes. All the games we sell are 100% brand new coded games purchased directly from the developers and/or publishers that created them. We also only purchase from developers/publishers that manufacture their games from 100% new parts. So no cart cannibalization. To my knowledge we are the first retail store in North America to focus exclusively on Newly Developed games. Up till now these games have been traditionally difficult to locate. With many of them running completely under the radar of most gamers. This is something we are here to fix. We spend the time and effort to locate these games from all over the globe, so you can spend more time actually playing them. We currently have games for the Dreamcast, NES, GBA, and SNES. With more games and consoles on the way! We also do our best to keep the prices and shipping as competitive as possible.

We are currently in production of an overview video for each game that we sell. Those should start going public in a couple of weeks.

If you’re interested in checking the site out we can be found at www.thebitstationgames.com or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at “thebitstation”.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to post a comment or send me a PM.