Vampire Savior (Aka Darkstalkers 3 on the PlayStation) is the third in the Darkstalkers series of fighting games by Capcom. The Darkstalker games play much like the Street Fighter games, but with more animated characters and moves. Vampire Savior has a similar animation style to the Street Fighter games as well, but with a 'monster/fantasy' type theme.

Vampire Savior is one of the most impressive games on the Sega Satun. This game requires the 4mb ram cart and makes good use of it. Vampire Savior is a fast combo based fighting game with highly detailed character animations. The move executions are tight and animations are very smooth. This game has an excellent selection of character, all of which are awesome. Everything about this game is awesome...there is not much more I can say, really. Vampire Savior has been re-released a number of times, but if you collect Saturn games you will probably want to own the Saturn version.