Hi, I assume a few people here have NES Hot Slots. I am considering selling mine (which I've had for probably 15-20 years) so I was checking prices on recent sales. I opened mine up because I wanted to take pictures of the board. Well on to the question, my case has 5 screws, one under the back sticker. I punched a small hole through the back sticker so I could remove the 5th screw. I opened it, the board has two stickers on the ROM chips, I think they say ROM 1 and ROM 0. BUT I've seen a couple for sale that were also opened up. They had pictures of the board but the back stickers on the cart were intact. I wondered how that could be and it turns out those two games only had FOUR screws, not five. One of them had no stickers on the ROM chips (and looked VERY clean), one of them had a sticker on one of the ROM chips. Sooooo, my question is this, anyone here have 4 or 5 screw Hot Slots? And if you have opened them up how about stickers on the ROM chips? I guess the "varities" would be out of the ones I saw mine, 5 screws, one under the back sticker and two stickers on the chips, 4 screws but sticker on only one chip and 4 screws with no stickers on chips. Thanks for checking, I know a lot of fakes out there nowadays, would really like to know about opinions here on these "varieties".