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Thread: What game is this? Overhead board game with dice rolls, wizard grabs a key to climb a mountain

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    Default What game is this? Overhead board game with dice rolls, wizard grabs a key to climb a mountain

    I'm looking to see if anyone remembers a really old, simple game I used to play. You play as a small colored dot that represents a wizard on an overhead map, with the objective being to grab a key and bring it to a mountain with a door before the computer player either takes it from you or gets it first and does the same. The map has a dot trail that you can move along, with your ability to move dictated by a dice being rolled. If the computer player lands on you, you lose the key and must chase after it to land on the same space as the computer player and take it back. There's crappy midi classical music playing in the background that was familiar and definitely a famous piece. You lose if the computer player successfully take the key to the door in the mountain. Most of the game is spent avoiding the computer player and trying to get to the key. You can only pick up the key or get to the door with exact moves, if you have less than or too many moves as based on the dice, you have to move past the item and keep trying until it's precise (think trying to put pieces into the safe zone in Sorry). I'm not sure if it was for mac or pc but the graphics were really crude and simple, so it had to have been from the 80's or of poor development. Attached is a VERY rough idea of how the map looked. The dot trail, the mountain off to the left, some loops and shortcuts for avoiding the computer player. It is by no means an accurate representation of how it looked, but it's something.Click image for larger version. 

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    Was it an educational game by chance? I feel like I've seen something similar to this but it was a Super Solvers game and those are all edutainment.

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