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Thread: Panasonic FZ-10 3DO Just Died -- bad caps?

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    Default Panasonic FZ-10 3DO Just Died -- bad caps?

    Just turned on my FZ-10 after years of not using it. It turned on and spun up the drive, but it was making a high-pitched whine the whole time.

    I turned it back off after maybe 20 seconds (I was trying to find which damn input it is on the TV). Then I tried turning it back on and there was nothing except a whine. No access light or drive spinning.

    So my guess is bad caps. Has anyone recapped the PSU in an FZ-10? There's only about 4 caps, but one of them is a pretty substantial 200uf 200v beast. Does that one die too?


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    May as well try to replace them but unless one of them is for power I doubt dead caps is the reason. People love to point at caps when in reality they're not the scapegoat people want them to be. Unless it's a SegaCD or GameGear in which case that's almost always why they won't turn on.

    I'd start by probing the power supply and verify it's pushing out the correct voltages and there isn't a short or blown fuse somewhere. Then probe the motherboard to see if everything is getting power.
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