Just thought I would quickly post and let everyone know that The Bit Station is having a Black Friday sale from November 24th-28th. We'll have some really good deals (ranging from 10%-30% off) on games for various systems including the Dreamcast, NES, GBA, and SNES. If your into retro indie games or have never had an opportunity to check them out, here’s your chance! Below is a list of games that will be on sale.

*Anguna: The Warriors of Virtue (GBA)

*Elansar & Philia (Dreamcast)

*Super 4 in 1 Multi Cart (SNES)

*Quest Forge: By Order of Kings (NES)

*Cosmetically damaged copies of Wind & Water: Puzzle Battles (Dreamcast)

If you want to see prices or get more information visit our website at: http://www.thebitstationgames.com

The Black Friday info is at the bottom of the homepage.

Also, if we can get at least 65 followers on Twitter or 65 Likes on Facebook by November 29th we will be giving away a 15% off coupon to one random person! Links are on our website.