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Thread: DOS games Sango Fighter & Sango Fighter 2 are available for free

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    Default DOS games Sango Fighter & Sango Fighter 2 are available for free

    Hello, all.

    Just stopping in to let everyone know that the famous Sango Fighter and its sequel are available as free downloads, for DOS. Both games have had numerous bug fixes and improvements programmed in, to make for a better overall experience. Check 'em out at their respective websites...

    Sango Fighter @
    Sango Fighter 2 @

    This release marks the first time Sango Fighter 2 has been available in English.

    The free downloads are -- legally! -- made possible by the acquision of both games by Super Fighter Team. I grew up with these games, and I want them to be enjoyed by future generations.

    We have also released a free update to our namesake, Super Fighter, which is available for Windows...

    Super Fighter @

    Thanks for having a look!
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    I saw a review for these on Ancient DOS Games. Since I'm interested in Romance of the Three Kingdoms adaptations I might look these up sometime.

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