I've really been getting into London Detective Mysteria on Vita, so I haven't touched my Wii since my last post. The chapters don't seem to be numbered, so I've lost track of how many I've completed, but I finished a chapter that focuses on Jack (though I already know his route isn't available the first time through).

I also finally tried out Ganbare Goemon: Uchuu Kaizoku Akogingu. I was too lazy to pull out my Japanese PS2, which is how I normally play Japanese PS1 games, so I took out my modded launch model PS1 instead, which I probably haven't turned on in at least a decade, since I mostly just have it as a collectible. It still works and still loads Japanese games, but it did have a hard time of it, with the music skipping a lot. I didn't play long, and the scaling is kinda funky, but it seems like it could be fun when I'm ready to invest more time into it and actually get my Japanese PS2 out.