I think I'm up to the final boss fight in Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure on PSP, but I've been holding off on tackling that while I complete some optional stuff. This is another game where online estimates for completion times are completely unreliable. Sometimes I check sites like HowLongToBeat, usually to pick out shorter games to play, and it helps for getting an idea of what games are crazy long (like, say, Dragon Quest VII) compared to those that are more reasonable, but outside of relative terms, I can't trust people's estimates much, especially when most people want to brag about how quick they can beat a game. Anyway, I have over 19 hours on the clock in Gurumin, with plenty left to do. Granted, my time isn't accurate to my playing because there were many times where I had to set the PSP down for a bit and the clock kept going, but the "completionist" time on HowLongToBeat is 17-some hours, which is total nonsense because I know to get everything in the game, you have to play through the whole game at least four times (on different difficulties). I'm not even gonna concern myself with that. If I want to replay the game down the road, then, yeah, I'll do New Game+ on a different difficulty (currently doing Normal). I'm just gonna try to do all I can with one single file. I still have some optional stages to do (optional if you don't care about getting the good ending, at least), and I'm working on getting Master ratings on all the stages I have done. I have more headgear to collect, and while most of the outfits would be unlocked via replays, I know I can get at least a couple with this file. I know I can get more pictures for the album too. And there's the whole optional quest to collect platinum medals for a drill upgrade. I've got 3 of the 11.