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Thread: 2017 Game Completion Challenge

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    Also RP2A03, I'll see your pig and raise you a cow when I thrash Uchi in FIGHTers Destiny! Happy Memorial Day everybody!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crystalian View Post
    Celery, what is the fascination with "puzzle" games that look like "Lights Out" on crack? I actually have Dexterity and have never played it. This is like that Mendel Palace video that made me want to blow my brains out... Q-bert, Kickle Cubicle, Lolo, etc each have some elements similar to this, but I find something enjoyable in each of those. I just think you've found that "perfect storm" of game genre that holds no interest for me. .
    Honestly, I mainly try to pick games that are a little less popular to get folks to dive a little deeper into what they already might own but haven't spent a lot of time with. I do play through each myself the week or two before in order to ensure they aren't too long, and Dexterity just happened to be around while I was playing Link's Awakening on my Game Boy this week. I really lean toward shooters and platformers, but I try to mix it up a little. The import alternative is there to offer a workaround for stuff you don't have or like, though! Rest assured, though, it'll keep changing... plus I already did Lolo weeks back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crystalian View Post
    Also RP2A03, I'll see your pig and raise you a cow[...]
    It doesn't really count unless it's an obscure Japanese porn game.
    Mario says "... if you do drugs, you go to hell before you die."

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