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I go to thrift stores all the time and the only games I ever see are sports games and shovelware DS games.
You and me both, buddy. But when I find DS games, the actual games have been stolen out of the cases. Every time.

I used to love going thrift store shopping. Flea markets on the weekends, too. But there's just no point, I get so discouraged now. There's nothing out there, most people have already tossed out or donated their old gaming goods or sold it on eBay. Retro game collecting has gone fairly mainstream, there's too many eyes looking over smaller and smaller scraps. It seems that retro gaming stores can't even stay in business, nobody's trading in old games, if they think they've got something valuable they sell in online. For a guy like me who doesn't buy games on the internet (there's no thrill of the hunt that way), it means coming up empty-handed every trip out. I would sometimes spend 12 hours criss-crossing the state hunting games, now it's not worth the price of gas to do so.