The Room of Doom will be moving on March 14th to new software. It will be hosted from then on at the forum's current server instead of the old server. Please make backup copies of all of your photos before that day.

One of our hosts, DreamHost, serves up the Room of Doom. It runs on the Gallery 2 software. However, DreamHost will be discontinuing support for PHP 5.5. Gallery 2 depends on PHP 5.5 or older to be installed in order to run. Therefore, without it, the software which powers the Room of Doom won't work. Unfortunately it is too much work to create custom patches to keep unsupported software such as Gallery 2 up-to-date, especially as the software hasn't received an official update in five years.

Therefore we will be switching to a different photo gallery software. We will be using Coppermine. It's good, it's stable, and its most recent update was from this year.

However, as the software does not allow for a direct transformation from Gallery 2 to Coppermine, and the forum's host doesn't provide enough storage space for all of the old photos, we are more-or-less starting the Room of Doom over from scratch. Thus everyone who doesn't have locally stored copies of their photos is recommended to make copies now while you can. Please use the free "cart" option in Gallery 2 to select, compress, and download your photographs in batches.

The positive part of this move is that we will get shiny "new" software. The Coppermine software has proven itself by withstanding the hazards of time. The Coppermine team shows great dedication to its software including having factored it to run not just on the PHP of now, but also the PHP of the future, including all future revisions of PHP 5 and, in the near future, the PHP 7 line as well. Additionally, by running on the forum's server, the Room of Doom should be much faster, more stable, and much more responsive than it has ever been.