You've waiting so long but it's finally here after months of delays.
Here is the Retro Core Dreamcast Special featuring hardware info, accessories and 35 games!

Games featured in order

Dead or Alive 2
Sonic Adventure International
Ferrari F355 Challenge
Maken X
Gigawing 2
Marvel Vs Capcom 2
Power Smash 2
Propeller Arena
Tokyo Bus Guide
Soul Calibur
Gundam DX
Power Stone
Power Stone 2
Psyvariar 2
Dynamite Deka 2 (Die Hard Arcade 2)
Napple Tail
Border Down
Last Blade 2
Aero Dancing i
Sword of Berzerk
Blue Stinger
Crazy Taxi
Daytona USA
Fighting Vipers 2
Get! Colonies
Godzilla Maximum Impact
Guilty Gear X
Sega Rally 2
Street Fighter Zero 3
Shenmue 2
Super Speed Racing
Virtua Fighter 3tb