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Thread: Nintendo Cocktail monitor question.

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    Default Nintendo Cocktail monitor question.

    ok so shot in the dark here but I thought I would ask, maybe some one knows.

    what are the value of the pots on the monitor for a Nintendo cocktail cab so I can replace them?
    I don't have the manual for the cabinet nor are they values on the inside of the lid.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Monitor Pots.jpg 
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    as you can see the brightness has a broken leg and was patched once before, the rest are just very touchy so its hard to get the right adjustment so I figure since I am replacing one I might as well replace them all. I know old pots can get like that but I figure meh why not.

    the monitor might need more adjustment but its hard to tell since the brightness isn't hooked up its at full tilt so it could be just washed out.
    over all the monitor only has slight burn in from the logo but you cant tell its there with the lid down.

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    I'm not sure off the top of my head, but I'd join KLOV. They're invaluable for arcade ownership. That's how I found someone to help me with my GI Joe pcb repair. They have tons of downloadable manuals.

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