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Thread: Neo Geo folks-buying NG:DEV team games?

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    Default Neo Geo folks-buying NG:DEV team games?

    So, NG: DEV team (the folks who did Last Hope, Raizon, Gunlord, Kraut Buster, etc.) are going to re-print some of their AES and MVS carts. To this point, I've been just fine going with the Dreamcast ports of their Neo Geo games, and while they're well done, they haven't been mind blowing (I haven't played Kraut Buster yet). Anybody here been buying their MVS kits or AES carts? Part of me feels that tug to want to pony up for one or two, but they sure as hell aren't cheap. For anyone who has, have you felt like it was worth it?

    If I was 25, it'd be no question, and I'dve bought them all. However, on the back end of my 30s, I'm not quite so keen on dropping $500 on a cart. I have happily spent a few hundred here and there on arcade cabinets and boards for games with no adequate home version, so it's not a hard no for me... plus, those rare occasions where I splurge on an AES cart are fun (and usually on the heels of a bonus)... almost like Christmas. Any significant reasons that make them compelling?

    For me, buying just to have them isn't good enough; I'm a big advocate of really playing my gamee and sharing them with others. At the same time, I'm not an emulation guy. I don't want to give in and buy something I have on Dreamcast just to say I have it, you know?

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    I'd have a hard enough time justifying spending that much on an official release. For what's basically a homebrew? Hell no. MVS collecting (let alone AES collecting) isn't cheap, but there are tons of quality games that can be had for under $100. I'd have to exhaust those before I'd even consider those NG: DEV reprints.

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    Add me to the list of not going to bother. They're just homebrew, very very overpriced expensive homebrew you can get by other means for far less money. Dreamcast recently had a reprint of much of them in around a $70US package in jewel cases with little manuals in them too, clean new discs and back/inside spine cover art too. Or you can buy an aftermarket clamshell, board, and cardboard box with the fixings for hundreds of dollars. Very few legit MVS games cost what they ask at cartridge alone, and still a lot of them as full kits costs less or at worst the same. Yes there are some that go higher, no doubt, but the quality and the pedigree pretty much explain that one. As an arcade cabinet owner with 30 carts for it as it is, I've spent on not a single one of them more than $200 and that was a total kit worth of stuff minus that cardboard box, and I do have 2 full kits and they cost even less than that as I was lucky on one, (wasn't mentioned by seller) smart on the other.

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    I've never even seen an MVS or AES, so the Dreamcast versions of NG DEV games were all I ever had an interest in. It seems lately the Dreamcast homebrew scene has exploded. But of all of them, the ones I have most enjoyed playing lately are the NEO GEO games that I otherwise would have never had an opportunity to try. They look and play great on the Dreamcast and are very inexpensive too.

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