It has been a long time since I posted here at DP. But regardless,I've been busy with retro gaming all the same. About a year ago I started making videos on Youtube. Nothing really fancy, just stuff I wanted to talk about and share with others with similar interests.

I noticed many videos on hardware modifications that had been done by others, but most of them seem to start off with showing the system to be modded, the parts needed or board ordered, and then final results after it was done. But not much in the actual process of how it was done. Even just going into a bit more detail on what they did or their approach on how they did it and why.

So I made some of my own to correct that, and also to keep as a personal library of stuff I've done and how I did it so I can review later if needed down the line. I thought some of the stuff I've done might be helpful so here are links to the individual videos:

Atari 5200 Controller refurbishing - Using the ever wonderful Foil Tape method!

Master System Voltage Regulator Upgrade/Modification - Using TRACO power DC/DC converter

Atari 5200 - 7805 Regulator vs DC/DC converter measurements video

Sega Master System Pause Button Modification Overview - Adding pause button function to an SMS controller

Intellivision Composite AV modification installation

Installing a BLW (Blinking Like Win) Kit in a front loader NES

Atari Lynx Model 2 Full Capacitor Replacement

Sega Game Gear 1 ASIC Full Capacitor Replacement

Mateos 16 in 1 Flash Cart for Atari 7800 - Overview and operation

UAV - Atari 7800 AV modification - Overview and Installation (Includes link for PDF installation guide, and information on ordering)

Hi-Def NES Installation and Capacitor replacement in a Front Loader NES - PART 1

Hi-Def NES Installation in a Front Loader NES - Part 2

Not a hardware installation video, but interesting to some. I offer a mod on the Sega Genesis High Def Model 1 units where I add a discrete YM3438 synth replacing the FM and PCM audio from the original YM2612. It is accomplished by piggy backing the YM3438 onto the YM2612 since the logic is still handled by the 2612 but all sound generation and output is through the 3438. This is a video demoing the difference in the sound on a Genesis with this modification:

I will add to this as I do more and remember to do so...