I've got wayyyy too much laying around not being played and it's time to thin it out. Prices in USD and don't include shipping from USA, zip 41339. Trades or trades + cash always welcome

Original Xbox console - $85
Softmodded + 80g HDD
Controller-to-USB adapter (use regular USB flash drives as memory card, USB keyboard/mice, etc)
EEPROM backup included on DVD in case of emergency or you add another HDD
Coinops 5 installed
DVD drive a bit flaky, didn't use it much
Component HDTV cables (480p, 720p, 1080i), RF adapter, power cord
1 original Duke controller, 1 S Controller

White Nintendo Wii console - $100
VC/WiiWare/Homebrew Channel installed, USB Loader for external HDD
Plays original Wii and Gamecube discs and also Wii and GC on DVD-R's
4g SD card, Sensor bar, power adapter
Composite/component video cables for 480p HDTV or SDTV (480p on Gamecube games also)
HDMI Adapter (requires 3.5mm cable for audio, also works on GC games)
1 Nintendo brand Gamecube controller
16M 3rd party Gamecube Memory card
New 3rd party Wii remote w/Motion Plus built in + nunchuk (used only to pair & test)
New Playstation controller adapter (use a PS2 Dualshock controller as Classic Controller, also PS2 guitars and arcade sticks)

RetroN3 console grey & black - $45
AC adapter, S-Video & composite AV cables
1 original OEM NES control pad
1 original OEM NES Zapper gun
1 original OEM SNES controller
1 original OEM 3 button Sega Genesis controller
Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt NES cart in blank case + a few unlicensed Mega Drive carts
I have the original box for this if you need it

Game Boy Advance - $45 SHIPPED IN USA
Original GBA model, dark purple
Original carts included: F-1 Race (regular GB)
Bootlegs carts included: Ninja 5-0, Pocky & Rocky with Becky, Castlevania Double Pack (w/box), Metroid Zero Mission (w/box)

Gamebox Advance console in original box/packaging (grey) Offers?
SP-style GBA clone with a bright screen, plays GBA carts and loads ROMs from either the internal 2g memory or from microSD card slot
Also plays CPS-1 games with sound
Includes USB cable to connect to PC, has TV out function (NTSC)
*DOES NOT* include battery, uses a regular SP battery but would not stay charged. Instead, a huge 10+ foot long USB power cable included