Hello everyone reading this!

I bought a refurbished PS4 system after a few months I realized it wasn't getting as much play as I thought it would. That being said, I've decided to sell it since I'm content playing games on systems I already own and PC/steam games. All games/accessories are used and tested as working. Payment via Paypal only.

PS4 Bundle:

SONY PLAYSTATION 4 (CUH-1215A) 500GB JET BLACK CONSOLE (NTSC) [1 controller USB/Power/Video cables]
The King of Fighters XIV Limited Steelbook edition CIB [still have shrink wrap, played once]
Street Fighter V CIB [open once]

For everything $260 USD

PCEngine CD/TurboCD:

$20 USD Advanced V.G. [SuperCD]
$30 USD Travel Epule [SueprCD]
$25 USD Flash Hiders [SuperCD]
$15 USD Browning [SuperCD]

For everything $80 USD

Xbox 360 Games:

$10 USD BlazBlue Continuum Shift
$10 USD Star Wars the Force Unleashed
$10 USD Guilty Gear 2 Overture
$35 USD Platinum Hits [Devil May Cry still sealed]
$10 USD WarTech Senko no Ronde
$25 USD Tekken 6 Limited Edition with Art Book
$10 USD Anarchy Reigns
$10 USD Bionic Commando [no manual]
$10 USD Sonic & Sega-Allstar Racing

For everything $120 USD

SEGA Miscellaneous:

$17 USD Gray official SS controller
$35 USD Guardian Heroes guide book [ISBN 4-575-28560-9]

Shipping price will vary, depending on location (USA only).