What is the Game Room Interactive Museum? The Game Room Interactive Museum is a brand-new concept. I want to bring this concept to Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. It is a gaming museum where you get to use the equipment and play the games. Our goal is to be able to provide 100 plus machines from Pinball to PC's, from Commodore to PlayStation, from Pong to Batman VR and over 100 traditional board games. We are committed to teaching the history of gaming, the companies, the systems and game design, while you enjoy playing the games. Each gaming unit will have a brief history of the company, the unit, lists of best selling games and memorabilia when available. We are hoping to provide each game with its manual, and examples of classic print advertising. We also wish to provide and an extensive library of gaming magazines, Roleplaying games and other gaming related materials you can enjoy over a cup of coffee.

The Game Room needs $15000.00, with that money I'll be able to provide a 2500 - 3000 square foot museum with between 80 to 100 units including pinball machines, a jukebox, rarer consoles like the Panasonic 3DO or the Atari Jaguar and an extensive selection of games. Other things the money will be used for are to help with the furniture and display costs, (I found a master woodworker that is willing to donate his time to build the stands and displays). Various other things that would make the experience better such as better lighting, more artifacts to display and of course the givebacks. If the fundraiser goes super and we exceed our goal the money will be put into more gaming systems and a better game selection with a bigger facility.

If for some reason we don't hit the goal, The Game Room Interactive Museum will scale back proportionally. To a smaller place, with less stuff, I believe the museum will be able to grow from what ever we start from, even if the Game Room started as a coffee shop with a mini museum.