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Thread: FT/FS: Black GC w/GB Player + Broadband Adapter (Mods close pls)

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    Default FT/FS: Black GC w/GB Player + Broadband Adapter (Mods close pls)

    ~~Mods please close this post~~

    Hey guys! So I got some stuff FS. Building funds for a PS4, Switch and some games... yeah I know, I'm behind.
    I'll be posting more systems and games soon but wanted to move them in packs, open to discuss prices that include shipping via DM

    ~~Everything in great condition unless noted otherwise~~

    Black Gamecube *System only w/ TimeSplitters 2 inside*
    (comes with Broadband adapter and GB Player attached)

    Sega Genesis Multitap

    Shenmue 1 (US)
    Shenmue 2 (UK)

    Luigis Mansion (Japan)
    Has some outer sleeve wear, cracked bottom case on the back

    X-Men vs Street Fighter EX Edition (Japan)
    w/cracked cd case that I can change if needed

    Gran Turismo SE 2004 Toyota Demo

    Guilty Gear X2 #Reload

    Automobili Lamborghini
    Conkers Bad Fur Day (no Game Pak sticker on back)
    F-Zero X (middle of label ripped off)
    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (label w/ title name on overhead top)
    Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask (Gold w/ holographic label)
    Madden 2000
    Perfect Dark
    South Park
    WaveraceWCW/NWO Revenge
    Wipeout 64
    Wrestlemania 2000

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