Top 10 AMIGA games. Well, certainly such lists are subjective and I am not saying all or any were exclusives, indeed some may have been better or more popular elsewhere but my fond memories of them originated on AMIGA so simply I will name 10 games that I highly enjoyed going back to those may years ago when I had original Amiga hardware. I will go with -

1. Lemmings
2. Stunt car Racer
3. SkidMarks
4. Turrican
5. The Chaos Engine
6. Battle Squadron
7. Zany Golf
8. Zenon II Megablast
9. The Secret of Monkey Island
10. Flashback

To be clear, this was literally the first things that sprang to mind off the top of my head and could likely change dramatically from moment to moment and I could literally think of dozens if not hundreds more and that is not even including various PD / Shareware / Demos and well if I am honest tons and tons of pirated titles I traded for back in the day. Was such a wonderful platform.