I will listen to reasonable offers, but don't be stupid about it.

AV Modded Famicom w/ FDS. Various games including Zelda 2 for the FDS. Don't know what some of them are because I don't speak Japanese. Slight yellowing on console but works great. New belt in the FDS. Not sure if I have a universal power adapter lying around. If I do I will include it, but no promises. $220 shipped

Commodore 64 Computer Decent shape, original box (a bit beat up but no worse than most of what you see on eBay). Works. No extras. Comes with hookups. $100 shipped

Atari 800XL Same description as the C64. $100 shipped

Panasonic 3Do Real FZ-10 Console w/ Several Games One controller, no box. All games in jewel cases (list available upon request. Nothing fancy or super special, though, but lots of em.). Works. Comes w/ hookups. $150 shipped

TurboGrafx 16 Console w/ Keith Courage One controller, no box, Works. Comes w/ hookups. Does not have back cover. $100
Sega Master System Console w/ Several Games One controller, light phaser, several games (some CIB, some loose - listing coming this afternoon). Works. Comes w/ RF Switch and power adapter. $140 shipped.

Mattel Intellivision Console No extras, maybe a game or two. Works. Comes w/ hookups and keypads. Works. $50 shipped.

I may or may not have a Dreamcast, a Saturn (w/ a handful of games including Nights Into Dreams, etc.), and a GameCube (w/ Gameboy Player and disc) that I might be willing to listen to offers for if you're interested in such things. Drop me a message.