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Thread: Axiom Verge, Awesomenaughts, Nuclear Throne, more Steelbook physical PC releases $5 at Gamestop

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    Default Axiom Verge, Awesomenaughts, Nuclear Throne, more Steelbook physical PC releases $5 at Gamestop

    These are being clearanced for $4.97. There appear to be plenty of them for store pickup around me (Minneapolis), but could be different in your area. I initially only bought 4 that most interested me, but read some reviews of the rest and decided to get them all (well, already have Guacamelee digital on WiiU, but hey, sucker for physical and $5).

    IMPORTANT EDIT: Apparently there were mistakes made with the Steam keys that were included with many of these releases such that they are invalid/already used/whatever. There are supposed to be replacements available from Gamestop, but this is fair warning that you may have to deal with that. I've also read for Axiom Verge you can go to the developers.

    Some partial copy/paste cause I'm lazy...

    Each one comes with:

    An exclusive SteelBook case
    Full-color instruction manual
    DRM-free game disc
    Soundtrack CD
    Mini art print with Steam key

    Nuclear Throne
    Rogue Legacy
    Axiom Verge
    Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
    Punch Club
    Jotun: Valhalla Edition
    Stories: The Path of Destinies
    Thomas Was Alone
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    Thanks for the heads up. These are cool releases and at $5 I'll probably buy most the ones I didn't buy already. They're also very common, just about every GS near me has them in stock. They must have massively overestimated demand when they printed these. They're less than a year old!

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    Damn, I wanted Axiom Verge but here in Canada EBGames doesn't sell them.
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    Axiom Verge I'm waiting on for the Switch but at $5 maybe it has something special worth it.

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