I decided after two years of ownership of Valiant Hearts to finally bite the bullet and cave, installing Ubisoft's Uplay. (Ugh.)

However, I've been wanting to play Valiant Hearts for years and after all this time it appears that Ubisoft is not changing its mind about its Uplay DRM client/scheme. So I figure I might as well play now before the company completely drops Windows XP support from Uplay.

That said, this adventure game, of what little I have played of it, is excellent. I'm only about 1 hour into the game and I'm digging the story and atmosphere. Then again, within in the game I am literally "digging it"... the dirt around the shells in the mud, that is.

The graphics might be "cartoony," but the game does not shy away from the violence, blood, and gore of war. It is not glorified nor gratuitous - the violence is just stated matter-of-fact-ly as a part of the reality of war.

Have you played this?

Game's page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/26...Grande_Guerre/