1. Yeno SC-3000H dual output SCART (standard) and RGB (mod), boxed and complete with foam inserts and plastic - Condition Excellent 9/10 for everything
2. Sega SH-400 racing controller, boxed and complete with foam inserts and plastics - Condition Excellent 9/10 for box, Perfect 10/10 for controller
3. Sega SJ-200 joystick controller, boxed - Condition Good to Very Good 6-7/10
4. MSX 'Joy Card' controller (compatible with SC-3000H)
5. Sega 'Card Catcher' (lets you play Sega My Card games)


Sega John Sands (Australian brand), Condition Good to Very Good 6-7/10

6. Exerion, boxed and manual
7. Monaco GP, boxed
8. Pacar, boxed
9. Star Jacker, boxed and manual
10. Yamato, boxed

Sega Japan

11. Black Onyx, boxed and manual, My Card format, ultima style RPG, Condition Excellent 8/10

Othello Multivision (compatible with SC-3000H)

12. Space Mountain, cartridge only

Korean GAM*BOY Games (compatible with SC-3000H)

13. Pro Wrestling, boxed (likely no manual exists for these)
14. Mikie, boxed

Magnetic Media (Australia and New Zealand)

15. Gold Pack, SF-7000 disk with case
16. Vortex Blaster, tape complete with case and insert

Custom Multi Cart

17. 'Sega Survivors Multi Cart', contains Sega cartridge games, AU and NZ cassette tape games, SF-7000 games (best games), must be at least 32 games but will check and get a list


18. SF-7000 disk drive belt replacement
19. Manual for Congo Bongo