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Thread: Nintendo *Finally* Selling Its Arcade Games as Downloads?!

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    Default Nintendo *Finally* Selling Its Arcade Games as Downloads?!


    Nintendo announced during their Nintendo Direct that they will be releasing a collection of their Arcade titles called Archive Archives, with Mario Bros. serving as its first release.

    Other titles coming include VS. Super Mario Bros, VS. Balloon Fight, VS. Ice Climber, VS. Pinball and VS. Clu Clu Land. Punch-Out was also seen in the Nintendo Direct, but was not included in Nintendo's press release. These will be developed by HAMSTER, who has released a number of NEOGEO arcade titles since the Switch's launch.

    The first of these titles, Mario Bros., will be released on the Switch September 27th.
    Let me know if they start selling Space Fever.

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    I'm game on this line unlike the Neo Geo line as I have that cabinet of mine. I miss playing the Vs games at Showbiz, and other random locations in the day. I would hope that the licensed VS games made it into there as I loved old VS Castlevania among others. I hope they're priced with the NG stuff or less around that $6-8 mark as that would be most fair. VS Mario Bros is up first should be out shortly and recently they did add +3 to the list which VS Excitebike was included in.

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