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    Default Rocket League

    I've been thinking about buying this game for years, but I'm not really a "soccer person." I also didn't enjoy the Metroid Prime: Federation Force mini-game where it was like soccer with guns instead of feet. Is Rocket League a lot of fun, and is it worth buying?

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    As someone who rarely ever plays sports games, yes. I actually got addicted to it for a bit. Although I'm not sure how much replay value you'll actually get out of the game unless you play either online or with others. It's just not nearly as fun as playing the game if you're not playing with others. It was free for PS+ at one point so if you have a PS4 and you've been on PS+(and have been activating every game whether you intend to play it or not) you might have it.

    Think of this game as the NBA Jam or NFL Blitz of soccer. Those would be probably the perfect comparisons.
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    Default Great Game!

    It's a really good game. Totally worth the purchase. It's one of those games that will either click with you or not.

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