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    Default PGM Questions

    So I have some questions about the PGM. I was wondering if there are games on it that use a kick harness. I ask because it has a fighting game like Killing Blade so I was wondering. I tried to find info online but couldnít find any. Also are the PGM games in the Pandoraís Box. xxx in 1 boards? Because I was considering getting the actual PGM board but may reconsider if itís games are in the Pandoraís box multiple games boards. If anyone knows the answers to those questions I would appreciate it.

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    PGM games on the Pandora's Box series do not require a kick harness, they shove all 6 buttons onto the JAMMA harness the same way they do with Capcom fighters. I'm not sure if a real PGM needs a kick harness or not.

    One thing to keep in mind is a lot of the PGM games on the PB series don't run very well, The Killing Blade being one that runs like shit. The KoV series is playable but has some significant frame skipping.

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