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Thread: Madness: $1000 for 10 Mac CD-ROM's from the 1990's

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    Default Madness: $1000 for 10 Mac CD-ROM's from the 1990's

    $1000 USD for ten old Mac games? I believe someone has lost contact with reality.

    The listing -

    It's called "MacPack Attack" and it includes:
    The 7th Guest
    Pax Imperia
    Eight Ball Deluxe
    Four-Footed Friends
    Space Ace
    The Journeyman Project Turbo!
    Harpoon II
    Dragon's Lair
    Anyone for Cards?

    Now, some of these are good, but not one-thousand-dollars good!

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    Heh, I definitely remember that one from back in the day. I almost bought one at a street sale near downtown Dallas called the First Saturday Sale, a great place to get old computer stuff. I didn't get it because most of the games are not interesting. Who knew it would be valuable one day? Or, who knew that somebody with obvious mental issues would think it was worth a freaking grand?

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    Looks like they tried selling it a few months ago for half as much...
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    I've pretty regularly seen those compilation packs over the years. They are really not desirable at all. Especially in comparison to the original releases. I'd guess all these could be had as sealed originals for a couple hundred at worst.

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