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Thread: FS or FT: Official Retro RPG Store Posters (USA +Japan, and Arc the Lad Watches (Working Designs)

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    Default FS or FT: Official Retro RPG Store Posters (USA +Japan, and Arc the Lad Watches (Working Designs)

    I have over 50+ RETRO and OFFICIAL Video Game store posters from Japan and the USA, mainly of RPGs from the SFX / Super Nintenda era and onward.

    I am going to post a link to my eBay for sale page as it will make this far easier.

    They are for sale or trade, as I am looking for a GTX 1080TI Graphics Card, ACX Cooling [Non-Blower style]. This many seem like an odd request but alas, one of you might be interested.

    I also have 5 or 6 arc the lad watches from Working Designs, a few of which are very rare and are worth more money. They are not listed on eBay yet but I'll post some pics. No tins though.

    THIS IS THe LAST BIT of my collection. I know the prices are high, but I' am trying to afford professional video equipment for our media company. Feel free to shoot me offers and let me know if you can trade! I am not looking to trade for other video game items.

    Best Regards,
    Bishop Corey DeFrancesco
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