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Thread: Galloping Ghosts is an arcade gamer's dream.

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    Default Galloping Ghosts is an arcade gamer's dream.

    This video will take an hour and a half to watch. The tour includes a rare Galaxy Force II Super Deluxe, Sega's Hologram games, as well as Death Race.
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    I saw this is Old School Gamer magazine. I'd love to go considering it's not far from me but I can't leave Minnesota because I'm on probation at the moment

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    Took me a few times, but I finally made it through the video. Cool looking place. I could spend all day/week there. I'm kind of surprised that there were several of the things that he said he(the interviewer) didn't know existed that I knew about, since he seems to really his stuff and I'm more of a casual arcade gamer. Like the Castlevania game, with the Wii-remote style whip.

    There's a place near here that also costs $20(I think) but they only have 125 or so games. I can't really justify that. The biggest "arcade" I've been to was a super auction a few years ago. Free to get in, and everything set to free play.
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