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Thread: Has anyone tried those monthly mystery boxes?

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    Default Has anyone tried those monthly mystery boxes?

    Cant remember the name of it. Retro treasure or something. Its like 30 a month and theres a picture of Goldeneye, Mario, other hi dollar titles popping out of the box in the ad

    is it all basically just copies of Madden '94 and Silent Services?

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    For me, there's absolutely no point other than spending $30 to get games that aren't worth $20 for systems I don't collect for. I don't care about Nintendo consoles or handhelds, which would be the majority of what would come in. My collecting nerdidity (my nerdiliciousness, if you will) tends to be pre-NES era and offbeat, underdog systems. Companies that offer mystery boxes like those tend to go for mass market appeal, which means Nintendo. Which means I'm out.

    Honestly, if I want to play an oddball or rare game I'll just play it in emulation. Since good emulation has come along, I don't really feel the need for these kinds of things. Just more junk that'll sit in a Rubbermaid storage tub covered in dust.

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