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Thread: Looking for a modder to upgrade my Famicom and NES toploader to Composite via 3.5mm Jack

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    Default Looking for a modder to upgrade my Famicom and NES toploader to Composite via 3.5mm Jack

    Sorry if this should go in a different section.

    I am looking for some professional modding services to upgrade two 8-bit Nintendos from RF to Composite.

    I have an original model Famicom HVC-001 as well as an NES-101 'toploader' (both RF only) that I would like upgraded to Composite for use on CRTs. Both are stock, have never been modded.
    I've seen various Composite mod methoids, and I would like a 3.5mm jack to Composite split on both consoles rather than holes drilled with RCA jacks mounted.

    I'm wondering if anyone here can offer this service and at what price point, or point me to where I might be able to find quality service? I am Canadian, so a Canadian modder would be ideal, but I am willing to accept an American who can garuntee quality work at a decent price.

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    this might be something you could handle on your own with this board for the famicom

    its pretty much a drop in replacement for old power and RF board. its reasonably well built from the pics and you'd get new power circuit and caps with it too.

    never installed one my self, was going to but I don't like the 3.5mm crap and the one they had with RCA jacks disappeared

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    You could try asking leonk, he's in the Toronto area and does mods and repairs. He used to offer making repro carts but apparently stopped doing that. I've never used him for anything myself but pretty much only heard good things.

    Here's his own site as I don't know if he still comes to this forum.

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